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Primal Scream Therapy Melbourne - Alternative Trauma Therapy

Have you tried many kinds of mainstream medicines, treatments and therapy solutions to try to overcome issues of trauma to no avail? Often, what seems to be the right treatment for most people can work with little to no results for others, creating frustrations and further anxieties in the long run. Sometimes, it may be worthwhile experimenting with alternative solutions to traditional counselling and therapy in order to treat long-term trauma and pain and help you overcome events which may have plagued your past.


For more than 30 years, the Jamillon Centre has specialised in providing an alternative solution for people looking to heal unsolved issues from their past through the use of primal therapy in Melbourne. Based in Burwood, our centre is directed by highly experienced therapists, who strive to ensure your safety and wellbeing is maintained throughout your sessions with us. While our work is based on Janovian principles, our therapists are Australian based and trained, and aim to assist you with therapy to the best possible degree. If you feel like you could benefit from trying an alternative approach to depression counselling or trauma therapy through the use of primal therapy, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Primal Therapy - Is it an alternative to trauma & depression counselling?

Stemming from the studies of Arthur Janov, primal therapy is a trauma-based psychotherapy which aims to confront a patient’s mental health conditions through revisiting crucial instances of pain experienced throughout their childhood. Occasionally referred to as primal scream therapy in reference to Janov’s first book "The Primal Scream", primal therapy attempts to create a long-term solution to depression by helping people resolve embedded trauma from their past.


While primal therapy (or primal scream therapy as mentioned earlier) may benefit the interests of some people, it's important to note that the primal therapy is not an instant solution or a quick fix to solving trauma or depression. The Jamillon Centre recommends that you read our extensive FAQ section to make a judgement that suits your best interests before scheduling any sessions with us to do our unique style of trauma therapy in Burwood. Please remember, that this is a different process from traditional depression counselling or trauma counselling and it can be highly effective for some people. 


Book a Primal Therapy Session in Burwood today

If you believe that you might benefit from primal therapy (or primal scream therapy if you prefer to call it that) or are curious to find out more about the Jamillon Centre’s depression services in Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our location in Burwood makes us a popular choice for people in surrounding areas such as Malvern and Mount Waverley. To discuss your needs further with our therapists get in touch with us today.

"my mind seems calmer"

I feel better since I felt the helpless rage of being locked and left alone in the crib. This primal rage and all I can do is bang my head and that is all I can I do.  No words can describe it. My mind seems calmer and I don't have the flashbacks like I used too. 

68-year-old male - China,

Name withheld for confidentiality

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