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Emotion focused trauma therapy is a goood way to deal with painful, traumatic experiences...

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Trauma Therapy Melbourne - Alternative Trauma Therapy


Have you tried many kinds of mainstream medicines, treatments, and therapy solutions to overcome issues or symptoms of early childhood physical, sexual or emotional trauma, to no avail? 

Often, what seems to be the right treatment for most people can work with little to no results for others, creating frustrations and further anxieties in the long run. Sometimes, it may be worthwhile experimenting with alternative solutions to traditional counselling and therapy in order to treat the long-term suffering that comes with the pain of childhood trauma. 

For more than 30 years, the Jamillon Centre has specialised in providing an alternative solution for people looking to heal unsolved issues from their past through the use of trauma therapy in Melbourne.

Based in Burwood, our centre is directed by highly experienced therapists, who strive to ensure your safety and wellbeing is maintained throughout your healing journey with us. If you'd like to explore an alternative approach to depression counselling or mainstream counselling and consider making an appointment to talk to us about your situation.

Trauma Therapy - Is it an alternative to trauma & depression counselling?


Depression counselling or any kind of counselling can be helpful in dealing with trauma-related symptoms, but only if it's emotion-focused. It must place special emphasis on the processing of feelings and emotions that are connected to past or present life problems. 


Our emotion-focused trauma therapy approach can slowly heal mental health conditions and create a long-term solution for depression and other symptoms of childhood trauma. Please remember, that emotion-focused trauma therapy (or body-focused or somatic trauma therapy which it's sometimes called), is different from traditional depression counselling or trauma counselling methods. And though it’s highly effective for some people, it might not suit everyone. The best way to find out if it’s for you is to make an initial appointment to discuss your therapy goals. 

You might like to read our  FAQ section to find out more before scheduling any sessions with us to do our unique style of trauma therapy in Burwood.

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If you believe that you might benefit from trauma therapy or are curious to find out more about the Jamillon Centre’s depression services in Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our location in Burwood makes us a popular choice for people in surrounding areas such as Malvern and Mount Waverley. To discuss your needs further with our therapists get in touch with us today.

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