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Individuals in our primal therapy gave permission to share their work. Social accounts are private as they may contain potentially offensive and violent content.  ⚠️ CAUTION 

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about us

Jamillon Centre primal therapy

For the past 30 years, the Jamillon Centre has specialised in helping people heal from the pain of unmet childhood needs and trauma through gentle emotional processing of past painful experiences or what is known as primal therapy.


Although our work is based on the work of Arthur Janov, we are not trained by Janov. We see neurosis as one of the many defences that result from childhood trauma, and as such we have integrated a trauma model approach to primal.  Re-experiencing painful feelings from the present back to the past, however, remains the core of our work.



Providing you with a safe place to feel your pain

Gillian Nikakis (OAM)

Primal therapy practised at the Jamillon Centre evolved from the work  Gillian Nikakis (OMA) and her work with adults who experienced childhood abuse.


Jill together with her brother Dr John Spensley developed the current primal therapy model used at the Jamillon Centre.


Their work in assisting people to process the emotional pain of childhood trauma, described as brilliant by colleagues, led to their interests in research in this area.

Dr. John Spensley

Primal therapy practised at the Jamillon Centre evolved from the paediatric work of its founder the late Dr John Spensley.


In early 2000 Dr Spensley and his sister Gillian Nikakis (formerly Johnson) participated in a research program with the Department of Neurosciences at Swinburne University studying patients with dissociative identity disorder (DID)


This research published in a peer-reviewed journal created much interest internationally. Read more...

Lise Allwood

Lise Allwood, who was trained by Dr John Spensley and Gillian Nikakis (OMA), took over as director of the Jamillon Centre and Primal Therapy Australia in 2007.


With 23 years’ of primal therapy experience, Lise continues to grow the centre’s primal therapy specialisation by helping individuals recover from the effects and symptoms of early unmet needs. 


With a degree in psychology, Lise has worked with many kinds of interpersonal trauma and abuse.