Emotion-focused alternative to Depression Counselling near Mount Waverley


In an age where mental health rests at the forefront of contemporary debate, it has never been more important to take accountability for your mental state and make a difference in your life. However, for some people, traditional psychological treatments and counselling sessions can leave them feeling more trapped and isolated, which can create further insecurities and anxieties about themselves. If you struggle to relate to or benefit from mainstream depression counselling, remember that all of us react differently to varying treatments: sometimes, what suits most people won’t work for others, an alternative approach to the traditional counselling model could be the key to overcoming your trauma.



If you’re interested in an alternative to contemporary depression counselling, the Jamillon Centre provides the Mount Waverley region with a totally different approach to trauma therapy, depression counselling or any type of traditional counselling. Through the use of emotion-focused trauma therapy in a safe and secure environment, we aim to help you revisit your past traumas, giving you the potential to heal your past to create Jamillon Centre may hold the answer for you. With over 30 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy, we strive to uphold your best interests at all times. With our centre based in nearby Burwood, the Jamillon Centre is conveniently located for patients living in the Mount Waverley and Malvern area. Get in touch to schedule an appointment today.


Treating trauma with emotion-focused somatic therapy


Sometimes referred to as somatic therapy, our unique form of trauma therapy is an alternative to traditional trauma counselling for problems such as depression, anxiety, or other emotional concerns that stop you feeling good and having a quality life. Emotion-focused trauma aims to address the current mental state of an individual by helping them gently revisit painful moments in their childhood by using their body (soma). This allows them to re-experience these traumas in a safe and supportive environment with the presence of a trained therapist. Through repeated visits, emotion-focused trauma therapy poses the potential to act as a long-term treatment towards resolving trauma and it’s symptoms.



The Jamillon Centre recommends for anyone interested in a different but effective approach to traditional trauma counselling methods or you are interested in knowing more about emotion-focused trauma therapy please read our FAQ before making any appointments with our therapists.


Curious about our alternative to trauma counselling?


If you're interested finding out if emotion-focused trauma therapy could be a counselling or therapy alternative, or if you are looking for an effective alternative to the depression counselling or anxiety counselling you might have tried around Mount Waverley, feel free to get in touch with the Jamillon Centre to discuss how we can potentially make a difference to you.



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