Trauma therapy services

Primal therapy indvidual sessions to suit your needs in Melbourne, Australia.
Individual sessions


Trauma therapy services include individual face to face or online sessions. 


Knowing the best session length and frequency can take time to work out, so please discuss this with your therapist.


One hour, one and a half hour, or two-hour sessions are available. 


Open-ended sessions are also available.

Primal therapy group sessions in Melbourne, Australia.
Trauma therapy retreat


A residential trauma therapy retreat is an excellent opportunity that allows you to focus completely on yourself and your therapy.


It provides you with the safety and space to go deeper into the emotion focused process, free from the distractions of the outside world.


Trauma therapy retreats are run on an individual basis and vary in length from 4 days to 10 days, depending on your individual needs.

Primal therapy group sessions to suit your needs in Melbourne, Australia.
Trauma group sessions


Groups are run every two weeks and last three hours.


The group dynamic can help your healing process greatly so we encourage you to attend groups.


For many people, group sessions are an affordable way to do trauma therapy.


To be able to attend a group you must have completed a residential trauma therapy retreat.

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Individuals in our trauma therapy gave permission to share their work. Social accounts are private as they may contain potentially offensive and violent content.  ⚠️ CAUTION 

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